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Are you hiring a remote employee in Serbia from a foreign country? If so, it's essential to learn about the employment laws in Serbia to ensure compliance and a successful remote working arrangement. Discover comprehensive insights into the legal framework governing employment in Serbia, including contract types, working hours, leave entitlements, minimum wage requirements, termination procedures, and more. Stay informed and make knowledgeable decisions to establish a smooth and compliant remote workforce in Serbia. Expand your understanding by exploring our resources and gain the knowledge you need for a successful employment relationship with your remote employees in Serbia.

Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
Total Time zones1
Working hours per week40
Working weekMonday–Friday
Typical hours worked8 (including a half-hour lunch break)
Personal Tax filing deadline15th May
Financial Year1st Jan to Dec 31st
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
CurrencySerbian Dinar (RSD)
VATthe standard rate is 20%

Employer Payroll Contributions in Serbia

Employers% of Gross Salary
Health Insurance5.15%
Pension and Disability Insurance11.5%
Total Employment Cost16.65%

Employee Payroll Contributions in Serbia

Employees% of Gross Salary
Health Insurance5.15%
Pension and Disability Insurance14%
Unemployment Insurance0.75%
Total Employee Cost19.9%

Minimum Wages in Serbia

Minimum Wage
Minimum WageThe minimum wage in Serbia is 460 EUR per month.

Payroll Cycle in Serbia

Payroll CycleMonthly

Income Tax in Serbia

Income Tax
Up to 4,570,128,00 RSD10%
Over 4,570,128,00 RSD15%