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Employer of Record Dominican Republic | Employee Benefits and Payroll

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In the Dominican Republic, an Employer of Record (EOR) offers foreign companies a practical solution for employing workers without the requirement of establishing a local entity. With the support of an EOR, foreign companies can directly employ workers under their payroll while the EOR takes on the legal responsibilities of being the employer of record. This arrangement allows employees or contractors to carry out their services under the direction and supervision of the client company, while the EOR handles the legal and administrative aspects of employment. By leveraging the services of an EOR, foreign companies can streamline their operations, ensure compliance with local labor regulations, and focus on their core business activities.

As a foreign employer considering hiring in the Dominican Republic, it's important to have a solid understanding of the local employment landscape and regulations. This resource provides valuable information and insights to help you navigate the complexities of hiring and managing employees in the country.

Here, you will find comprehensive details on various essential aspects of employment in the Dominican Republic. Topics covered include employment contracts, minimum wage requirements, hiring practices, employee benefits, social security regulations, healthcare and insurance, leave policies, public holidays, work permits and visas, probation and notice periods, termination and severance guidelines, as well as personal income tax considerations.

CountryDominican Republic
Time zoneUTC−04:00
Total Time zones1
Working hours per week40
Working weekMonday–Friday
Typical hours worked8
Personal Tax filing deadline31st Mar
Financial Year1st January to 31st December
CapitalSanto Domingo
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
CurrencyDominican Peso (DOP)
VATthe standard rate is 18%

Employee Benefits in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, it is mandatory for all workers to participate in the national retirement pension plan, which is funded by contributions from both employers and employees. These contributions are made through withholdings from the employee's salary and a percentage of the employee's salary paid by the employer.

Regarding Social Security, employees are entitled to retirement benefits and receive a government pension once they reach the retirement age of 60 years and have contributed for a minimum of 360 months.

When it comes to Family Health Insurance, both the employee and the employer make contributions to Social Security. The employee's contribution is 3.04%, while the employer's contribution is 7.09%. These contributions cover healthcare expenses and ensure access to medical services.

For Old-age Allowance, Disability, and Survival, both the employee and the employer also contribute to Social Security. The employee's contribution is 2.87%, and the employer's contribution is 7.10%. These contributions provide coverage for old-age benefits, disability benefits, and survivor benefits.

The Social Security system in the Dominican Republic offers various primary insurances, including death benefits, accident allowances, and health benefits. These insurances are provided to workers who have contributed to the system based on the number of contributions made and the amounts involved in each contribution.

All employees, regardless of their income or type of work, have the right to be covered by social security. It is mandatory for all employees to belong to the Social Security system. Occupational risk insurance is administered by a government institution, leaving no option for alternative providers.

When it comes to family health insurance, the maximum salary contribution is equivalent to ten times the minimum wage. As per Law 87-01, the financing for this insurance is gradually made through joint contributions from both the employee and the employer.

Employer Payroll Contributions in Dominican Republic

Employers% of Gross Salary
Health Insurance7.09%
Labor Risks1.2%
Technical Education Tax1%
Total Employment Cost16.39%

Employee Payroll Contributions in Dominican Republic

Employees% of Gross Salary
Health Insurance3.04%
Technical Education Tax0.5%
Total Employee Cost6.41%

Minimum Wages in Dominican Republic

Minimum Wage
Minimum WageEnterprises worth 4 million DOP – DOP 17,610/month
Enterprises worth more than 2 million DOP but less than 4 million – DOP 12,107/month
Enterprises with less than 2 million – DOP 10,730/month

Payroll Cycle in Dominican Republic

Payroll CycleMonthly
13th SalaryA Christmas bonus can be given to employees (equal to one month’s salary) before the 20th of December.

Personal Income Tax in Dominican Republic

Income Tax
Up to 416,220 DOP 0%
416,220 - 624,329 DOP 15%
624,329 - 867,123 DOP 20%
Over 867,123 DOP25%