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Employer of Record Chile | Hiring Options in Chile

Employer of Record Chile

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Are you considering expanding your business operations to Chile? Managing a workforce in a new country can be a complex undertaking. That's where an Employer of Record (EOR) in Chile can provide valuable assistance. Our web page offers comprehensive insights into the role of an EOR and how they can simplify your expansion efforts. Discover the benefits of partnering with an EOR in Chile, including ensuring legal compliance, handling payroll administration, providing HR support, and mitigating risks. With our expertise and local knowledge, you can navigate the Chilean employment landscape with confidence and focus on your core business objectives.

Time zoneUTC−06:00 — Easter Island
Total Time zones3
Working hours per week45
Working weekMonday–Friday
Typical hours worked9
Financial Year1st January to 31st December
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
CurrencyChilean Peso (CLP)
VATthe standard rate is 19%

Different Hiring Options in Chile

When it comes to hiring employees in Chile, there are various options available. These include indefinite, fixed-term, or task-specific employment agreements. Employees have the choice of working either part-time, with a maximum of 30 hours per week, or full-time.

Under fixed-term agreements, the maximum duration is typically 12 months. However, in certain cases where employees hold a technical or professional title from a recognized educational institution in Chile, this duration can be extended to 24 months. It's important to note that such extensions are rarely utilized in practice.

Independent Contractor:

In compliance with Chilean law, companies have the ability to engage independent contractors for different types of services. This can include outsourcing core business functions or specific tasks like cleaning or canteen services. In these situations, the contractor company assumes responsibility for the workers, who are considered dependent on and subordinate to the contractor rather than the client (principal).

Should the contractor company fail to meet its labor or social security payment obligations to its employees, including severance compensation, the client (principal) becomes jointly liable for these obligations. However, the client can minimize this liability by regularly verifying compliance with employment and social security requirements.

Agency Worker:

In Chile, outsourcing labor through personnel supply companies is permitted only for specific purposes outlined by law and for limited time periods. The duration of these periods varies depending on the grounds for utilizing agency services, such as temporary replacement of sick employees. The personnel supplier is responsible for the workers and is obligated to fulfill the respective social security and labor obligations. If these obligations are not met, the company that has engaged the temporary worker becomes liable for the employer's employment obligations, either in part or in full.

Employer Payroll Contributions in Chile

Disability and Survival Insurance (SIS)1.99%
Total Employment Cost4.39%

Employee Payroll Contributions in Chile

Health Plan7%
Total Employee Cost17.6%

Minimum Wages in Chile

Minimum Wage
Minimum WageMinimum wage in Chile is 326500 CLP per month.

Payroll Cycle in Chile

Payroll CycleMonthly
13th SalaryNo statutory laws requiring a 13th salary.

Income Tax Slabs in Chile

Income Tax*1 Monthly Tax Unit = approximately 51,500 CLP
0 – 13.5 Monthly Tax Units 0%
13.5 - 30 Monthly Tax Units 4%
30 – 50 Monthly Tax Units 8%
50 – 70 Monthly Tax Units 13.5%
70 – 90 Monthly Tax Units 23%
90 – 120 Monthly Tax Units 30.4%
120 – 350 Monthly Tax Units 35%
Personal Tax filing deadline30 April or 9 May (returns without payment)